Cover and contents listing for issue Seven


New English Library Horror Pulps!  Witches, warlocks, demons and virgin sacrifices feature in the first part of this study of the lurid and shocking horror pulps from the UK's stalwart pulp publishers of the 1970s!

He is not dead, he does not sleep. The life and works of Laurence James- huge overview of the legendary editor and author of The Angels from Hell biker quartet, the Confessions books, the Witches as James Darke, Deathlands and so much more.

Make it look more like Frazetta!- checklist and critical asessement of the highly collected fantasy cover artist Jeff Jones.

Lead, follow, or get the f*ck out of the way!- a behind the scenes look at the British publishing industry with the larger than life Fred Nolan who authored the classic Sudden westerns.

44 pages, A4.