Cover and contents listing for issue five

When Animals Attack!  A huge overview of the 'nasty' phenomenon of the 1970s, covering books such as Eat Them Alive, Squelch, Maggots, Killer Flies, Slugs, Fangs and many, many more! Don't go on e-bay without it!

Big Bob Tralins bites back- an exclusive interview with the legendary US sleaze author who lets rip on his own experiences in the pulp industry.

Legion of the Damned march on- the concluding part of our look at the German war pulps including the controversial Devil's Guard.

Rivals of Conan- thre ultimate guide to 1970s sword and sorcery. Starring Thongor, Brak, Kane, Kyrik, Kothar, Blade, Raven, and a whole horde of rampaging Conan cash-ins.

40 pages A4, colour covers, cover price 3.50