Cover and contents listing for issue four


Dracula Lives! An exclusive interview with Bob Lory, cult author of the Dracula, Horrorscope and Vigilante series.  Lory had previously been dismissed as a pseudonym, but The Fanatic has the goods! 

Legion of the Damned! The first part of a study of the German war pulps from authors such as Sven Hassel and Leo Kessler and titles such as Reign in Hell, Blitzfreeze and Wheels of Terror! 

The Memoirs of Laord Grandith- a look back at Philp Jose Farmer's ground-breaking books Image of the Beast, Blown and A Feast Unknown. 

The Phrophecies of Bruce Pennington- master fantasy artist Pennington is given the Fanatic treatment in this definitive study which includes a massive checklist of his covers!